Anyone here into football cards?

Seems like a good time to start collecting with all these young rookie quarterbacks re-writing how the game is played…

Also seems like there are a TON of different brands and series to look into. Where to start?

Rookie Quarterback cards are the way to go investment wise, other positions don’t seem to do very well. I would say the best products in order Panini Flawless, National Treasures, Immaculate. Panini contenders usually contains some of the first cards printed of the season so that is also a good option. I really like the look of Panini Black and Gold as well. I opened a lot of Panini XR from Patrick Mahomes rookie season and scored some nice cards worth thousands already now.

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I’ve collected football cards for many years. They’ve never been a great investment but that’s not the reason I ever collected them.
I do have 7 2001 PPS Drew Brees rookies #d to 25. I’m sure they’ve gone up but they’re 20 years old after all. Had I put those dollars into Pokémon I would have done much better lol.

I would use the same logic for collecting football cards as you would Pokemon. Collect what you like! I am a big Steelers fan so I have been collecting rookies and autos of my Steelers players and trying to score the SSP versions if possible. Also I like to collect my favorite players from different teams, especially in basketball I do this a lot. I find their rookies/autos that I like the most and can afford and get em! It’s like pokemon in the sense that when you collect what you like you organically will start to know more about the hobby.

I like sealed product. Just appears to be a lot of options out there. Retail boxes, Hobby boxes, booster blasters, hangers, etc, etc… and then there are a whole list of brands making them.

Looks like a couple box cases have gone for close to 20k on eBay from 2017-2018 year, while others go for nothing.

I collect Louisville alumni. Have a few really nice Lamar Jacksons. Also Teddy Bridgewater and Devante Parker.

I prefer Basketball over football. I tend to get more value with Basketball card purchases.

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I use this website often to view what cards are in certain products. Really for football Panini is the go to company for cards.

It is hard to say if modern sealed product will continue to rise in value. Say you have some monster cards in the case like a 1/1 Shield of Patrick Mahomes but it already has been pulled, then you know its not in your sealed case so would it still make the case worth a lot? Sure there are a lot of other cards that could be worth some money like true numbered to 99 rookie patch auto cards but the top chase cards could be all pulled, and for that reason i’m out.