Base Set Packs variations of card sequence

Hi, due to my recent bad experience with an ebay buyer, I wanted to ask about Base set pack card sequences.

I have opened all english variations of base set packs (and some non-english) to have seen that different print runs had a variety of card sequences.

We are all familiar with the base set unlimited having 5 commons, 2 energies, the rare, and then the 3 uncommons from front to back.
I have not opened many first edition or shadowless, but based on my experience, the energies are in random spots throughout the pack. Typically still before the rare or holo and the 3 uncommons still in the back? (these i haven’t opened enough to confirm).

4th print US packs have been the same as traditional unlimited. (i have opened almost a full box of loose packs)

4th print UK packs have different sequences whether its a holo rare or non holo rare. Non holo rares are at the very back of the pack, whilst (yes i just used the word whilst) any pack with a holo rare has two energies in the back with the holo being 3rd from the back. (i have opened an entire loose booster box, 12 holos and all)

Let me know if any of this seems out of the ordinary.