Ayo collection : Grail Edition

I think its time to start showing what I’ve collected so far. Atm my favorite card hands down is 20th Pikachu and that’s what I’m going to start with. I really like old back japanese cards as well so you might guess what cards I’ll be posting in the future.

Nostalgia over 9000

Maybe my 2nd favorite card, I really like Grand Party

Who doesn’t like Fan Club cards?

I think these two speak for themself

I’ll updating this thread as soon as I have something worthwhile to show. :blush:


Amazing and beautiful cards! I especially like the Fan Club Porygon. Thank you for sharing.


love the neo shining so beautiful


You have great taste :wink: beautiful cards!


Wonderful collection!! Truly stunning cards!


It’s been pretty long time since I’ve posted pics of my collection so here is little something something. :blush:

I’ve always loved Latitwins.

I was so lazy to put this set together but in the end I did it. Now I can say I have at least one completed set of something. :blush:

And again I’ll post something in following 5-12 months… >:'D

E: and thank you everyone who commented last time I posted pics :blush:


Wow first time I’ve seen 20th anniversary card and it’s stunning! Also gotta love the scream cards :slight_smile: great collection congratulations!!

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I knocked out huge collection goal, every Wotc Shining in unlimited PSA 10. Some of them came from E4 members so big thanks to all of you :blush:


@ayoveer Wow congratulations! Quite the accomplish and beautiful cards :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! It took long time to complete but luckily I was able to pick most of them before prices went through the roof :blush:

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hnng your latias+latios combo is gorgeous, I love it all

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Great collection buddy, shinings are one of the best sets to go for

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It’s already been 8 months since my last update on my collection, so here is pretty big Japanese old back PSA 10 Dark Holo sets I’ve managed to put together.

I think I started with these back in start of 2020 so it took me one year or so to get everything, obviously I didn’t go hard at any of these and only bought them when they popped on eBay but when I had 3/4 of the set completed I started to realize that even Japanese cards are getting more expensive since Pokemon itself is so hot right now so I kinda panicked went super hard on the rest. :grin:

Also it’s been long time coming when I update my collection post because I was once again reminded how hard it is to take decent pictures with out getting my stupid face on the reflection. Fun fact : All of these pics were taken in my kitchen because apparently the best lighting in my apartment is in the kitchen.

Neo Holos

Team Rocket Holos

From these sets there are many cards I think that have amazing artwork but the cards I look at most freqlently are Dugtrio, Machamp, Magneton, Vileplume, Raich, Espeon, Gengar and Scizor


Great collection.

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You have a fantastic collection!

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Amazing additions! Some of my favorite cards in your last acquisition! The Dugtrio and Charizard are some of the most nostalgic to me with the former being probably one of my top 3 from the set since it reminds me of the Dugtrio from the original first game that breaks through the floor.

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@pikazardcollector , @kingboo64 , @azulryu

Thank you!

And also I probably bought some of these from E4 members so thank you!

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Beautiful cards and great pictures! The holo really pops on your pics. I never quite realized how nice all of these “Dark” artworks are.
You still need the GB promo Dark Venusaur though :wink:

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This is an awesome collection! The Shining and Dark cards look so good. What are you looking to collect next?

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Thank you! Taking the pics with my phone is probably the most frustrating part of all of this so I’m glad that they look at least half as good as they look irl. And yeah now I really need to pick up the Dark Venusaur :blush:


Thank you too! I have on going battle with Gold Star binder set but I’m not in any hurry with it so I pick up cards as they pop up on eBay or wherever. Other than that I haven’t thought of anything yet, kinda feel bit empty now that I’ve gotten old back Dark holos, it was my daily routine to check eBay so now I don’t know what to do. :grin:

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