Are these 1st Edition stamps real or fake?

The first stamp shown is a stamp that I know is real. It’s for comparison.

SPOILER: Click to show

The second stamp belongs to a Base Set Nidoran(M). Is it a legit faded/gray stamp or is it fake? It doesn’t rub or peel off, but the stamp looks odd. I don’t have any other 1st Edition Base Set cards to compare it to.

The second stamp is strange… It looks like it smeared before it was dry. It also doesn’t peel or rub off when scratched at. The stamp looks really real (crisp and the ‘EDITION’ text looks correct), I’ve just never seen a smeared stamp before.

Any ideas?

Anyone have an idea?

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It looks real, I remember having one card like that for some reason, and I think it was a Rocket card. I’ll check my boxes of cards sometime.

^ I was referring to the smeared one above.

Ps the grey one is real, the stamp just had low ink. I have many of them.


Thanks for the reply, Jason. :blush: Team Rocket must have had some real quality control issues, but Base Set wasn’t much better! lol