Are my Gold Stars Fake?

My friend was looking at my binder and said my Mewtwo and Charizard look off because the backside looks a little purple and I started questioning myself. So I am wondering if they are actually fake?

Some better pictures would be helpful, but at first glance I don’t see any red flags.


An easy tell is right here


a real card should be holo here, hard to fake.


Yeah the Mewtwo is holo, the Charizard kind of not really but there is a holo black that is really subtle

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Thanks, yeah I can post more pics but yeah they probably are good. Appreciate it

You’re not the only one to come across this problem either. I and a few other folks have wondered if English Gold Stars were made cheaply. They look fine Mint but once they start having damage or wear, they start looking fake. I still take out my Played version from time and wonder the same thing despite being told it’s real. If 10 years later I find out it’s fake, I’d just shrug my shoulders and think, :man_shrugging: “Not surprised.”

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Check the edge of the card for the black line in the middle of the white. I’ve still never seen a fake card with this.

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Agreed with @pfm and @jac2357. The holo portion on the border of the text box and the core black layer are two things to check.

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Could you give me a sample, cause now I’m curious. But yeah the cards are real ;p


Oh I see, this is super informative. Thank you so much I did not know this!


They are real