Aquapolis master set

Hi everyone u was just wondering ehat people thought the rough value of this set would be with the 3 crystals? No boxtoppers

Edit: everyone has been very helpful so far. Thoughts on skyridge master w/crystals ex-nm and nm and also expedition master ex-nm and nm. If there have been sales of any on ebay they arent showing up for me even with worldwide listibgs turned on. Sales numbers would help greatly if anyone has them!

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Assume all reverses included as well? What condition?

Reverses included and just for ease we will say ex-nm for one and nm/m for another.

I’d say a starting point on a nice binder set EX-NM would be $1600 and up.

One where all cards are pack fresh NM/M and grade worthy I’d say somewhere north of $3000 and rising.


I’d be inclined to say for ex-m 2200
And nm-m 3500

yeah, I’d say at least 3.5k+ if its all NM-MINT and box toppers are included. Really depends on how clean the Crystal’s are, too. There was a master set on ebay for over 4k, and I’d buy it if I didn’t have other investments.

I recently paid $2,250 for a regular set (all 3 crystals but no reverses or box toppers) that was genuinely mint, the crystals and holos came as graded PSA 9’s


That sounds high, but at least 9s with pack fresh cards (180+) is pretty good.

What would you value an Ex-NM reverse holo only set?

Yeah it was pricey but I’ve been after a mint set for ages and figured this one might be the last for a while. Not sure on the reverse, esp. since people have such different definitions of Ex-NM… maybe a bit under $1,000?

I’d guess $4-500

Thanka all for the responses. Ratger than make a new thread ill just add another two questions here.

Also wondering on skyridge ex-nm and NM master set w/crystals and and the same for expedtion ex-nm and nm master set.


I may be a little conservative on my numbers. Skyridge NM/M set would be really interesting to see come up at auction. There are so many difficult cards to find in that set, especially in unplayed condition. But that doesn’t always translate to the final price. And when a single graded card can swing the value by thousands it’s hard to place a true target “value” on the set (Charizard PSA 9 vs 10, Ho-Oh PSA 9 vs 10, Celebi PSA 9 vs 10)

Skyridge EX-NM - $3000 (really depends on condition of holos and crystals)
Skyridge NM-M - $6000++

I think Expedition is undervalued a bit, but I’d give it the following:

Expedition EX-NM - $1200
Expedition NM-M - $2000


Skyridge and Aquapolis have been the go-to sets for e-series (thanks crystals lol) and looking at how little appreciation expedition gets - I wonder if it could mean way lesser entry cost to get the set now and ever - awaiting more response on this as well!