Anyone selling worlds 2023 spectator badge?

Hi there,

I’m currently living in Japan and both me and my partner were unsuccessful in all lotteries for worlds this year. I was curious if anyone was selling spectator badges?

Many thanks

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Hey @spike1928 , welcome to E4. Glad to have you here.

I think the whole world’s spectator pass sharing was already done in the past weeks here on the forum. You can use the forum search function with the keywords ‘spectator pass’ you will find few threads on the same. Maybe you can find someone and personal message them to check if they still have passes. Alternatively you can join the E4 discord and check there. People may be more responsive.

Hope you find one and cheers!

Hey mrbubbles, I appreciate the warm welcome!

Got it, wish I was online a little earlier then haha, thank you so much for your help. I’ll do that now and see what I can find.

All the best

Hi! I have a friend with one pass remaining, are you interested on it? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey! Very interested! Please send me a dm or provide me their contact info, thank you