Anyone grade comic books here?

Hey guys I recently have been looking into comic books as I had some back in the day and picked up a nice key issue and was thinking about getting it graded with CGC. Does anyone here grade comics with CGC? had some questions for you if you do :blush:

I might be of assistance. What would you like to know?

thank you! well I saw there membership fees and price per book depending on the age of the book but I was wondering approximately how long does it take to get a book back? and how is their service? I have an ASM 129 that I would like to submit to them I believe its Bronze Age tier so should be in the ball park of a $40 grading fee.

Their service is top notch. I’m not sure what their current turn around time is as I only really ever send anything in express which is a 5 business day turn around. Depending on what service level you want to pay for will determine how quickly you will get it back😉

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I’m struggling with what will a comic grade and which are worth grading. I owned a comic and card business but was never into grading comics cause it was only popular back then for very high end stuff. Now even cheaper key issues are worth grading but I don’t know a 9.2 From a 9.8.
I have about a thousand I would get rid of. All are like 1st appearances, #1s 2s and 3s, signed ones, dealer exclusives, limited, etc. No really rare or valuable ones though. I’d say the majority are 5.00-10.00usd each. Just a few are over 100.00.
Now I need someone who does comics as well as I do cards. Then I’ll send in to CGc the ones that make sense.

Yeah its a completely different world from pokemon haha. But yes I’m trying to learn all about grading comics as well now and so far I’m loving it. I just need to know get the hands on experience and grade some myself and see if I can predict the grade well. Its difficult but hey we all start somewhere right? haha

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Glad to hear that!

If grading a single piece of thin cardboard wasn’t subjective enough let’s grade an entire book full of large sheets of paper and then entomb it all in a real plastic coffin that takes away all of the function and 90%+ of the aesthetics.

I can see how some/many aren’t a fan of card grading, but I have a tough time seeing how anyone is into comic book grading. To each their own though, just an interesting thought. I was never even into reading comic books at all, but I guess maybe some comic graders must not really be either.

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Yes, I agree with this from a collectors viewpoint. Why conceal all the content of a comic forever? Maybe they’ve read them so many times they’ve memorized them lol.
From a sellers standpoint though, as long as there’s a demand and a value premium in graded copies, they’ll grade away.
I think I’ve only had one graded comic in my life. I like thumbing through them periodically:)

Obviously, many collectors feel differently. I looked and over a thousand cgc graded comics have sold on eBay so far today😮

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Is it true that they charge you a percentage on what the book graded as? So say if it graded an 8.0 they charge a percentage on what that book is worth??

not typically unless it is a major book that requires same day turnaround, in which case you are paying for walk through service which has a 3% of market value grading fee.

I don’t know but I seriously doubt that. It would change an impartial service into a partial “at stake” service.

Someone could say the same thing about graded cards that can no longer be used to play the trading card game they were designed for. Same goes for factory sealed trading cards, video games, etc…

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For me personally anything I have graded if I ever want to read I read it digitally with the marvel app :blush:

Main difference for specifically grading the card is that you get to still appreciate and view the entire item, in all its glory :stuck_out_tongue:

With a comic you still get to view it, just only a small percentage of it, at least that’s the way I see it. Although I am completely for getting them graded as that will decrease their deterioration (hopefully) compared to having them out in the open.