ANA Marill promo Sticky Residue PSA

I was wondering if you purchase a New Marill ANA promo still on its card that it came on, is there a way to get the sticky residue off and get a good PSA grade or would you be shot surface wise? Thanks

Do the cards come with a certain residue or is this an exception? I’ve never bought an ANA Marill.

If you look closely at the card surface especially on Marill there appears to be spots. I talked to another guy that had a PSA 7 he said it was a 7 because of the sticky residue left behind. It appears there is a light sticky coating to keep the card on and maybe that coating is beginning to come of on the cards now that its gotten so old. I just wonder if I got this if I would be able to get the residue off.
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Yikes! I didn’t know it was packaged like that, most peel-glossy cards don’t have any residue but they weren’t fastened the same way.

I’m going to say that you’d likely be unsuccessful at removing said residue and then getting a good PSA grade. I would suggest looking for one that is already graded or another sealed one which may not have the residue.

You’re in a bit of a “sticky” situation I would say :confused:

Haha nice!

Ok thanks for your help! I’ll hold off on this one. Wasn’t sure if anyone had ever had to clean off a card surface like this and still do well via PSA.

I’m not saying it isn’t possible, but I would think it would be difficult and would negatively affect the card grade.

In the world of coins they say to never ever EVER clean one. I don’t know if that applies to cards!

Now that I am thinking of it, I once removed a speck of dirt which was really stuck to a card and wouldn’t come off. I used a q-tip and the smallest amount of water needed just so the q-tip wouldn’t be scratchy. The dirt did come off and that card graded PSA 9. Again, I don’t know what could be done with adhesive :confused: I don’t think water would help much.

I would say that on a card like this, you don’t have much to lose. It’s not super expensive and the chances of you ruining the card are slim, even if you used a bit of acetone. It takes a lot of rubbing to remove ink.

Ya one site said you could use a small amount of oil, can’t remember what type, to remove adhesive but I wonder if the oil would come off then haha. I mean all the cards are coated in wax so theoretically if your not scrubby the card and just lightly rubbing it the wax should stay in tact and the dirt should come off. Idk I could take the chance with it only being $10 but I might just wait. Hmmm

Yeah I probably shouldn’t outright try to convince you to use harsh chemicals on your collectible, that usually doesn’t end well! ahha

Do as you like but keep the card safe :stuck_out_tongue: if you do try something then let us know the result!

Ok as of now I think I’ll hold off but idk we’ll see what the seller says. If I do ever try to remove sticky residue I will certainly let people know what worked/went wrong :grin:

Btw if there’s a tiny bit of dirt on a card, licking your finger a bit and touching the spot then whipping it immediately with a non abrasive cotton cloth can work :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

Test things out on cards you don’t care about and compare the results? If something works, you can check it out that way and THEN try it out on the card you actually care about. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very good words of wisdom. I guess the only hiccup for this particular case is I’ve never even seen a card with sticky residue like this. But I’ve decided to hold off. These ANA Marills aren’t that rare and I’m sure another deal on a mint one will pop up in the future.

I’ve used Jason’s q-tip with rubbing alcohol which evaporates…which would be much preferable than oil.

A dang thanks for the warning. Sounds like if I look to complete a PSA ANA set in the future I may just need to buy the Marill already graded.

Thanks for the added support for that method. I’ll have to try it next time

So i picked this up from a shop. I cant feel any sticky residue but im also not sure what the difference would be from any other Japanese card does this marill look like it has any? i apologize if im high jacking this thread