Among Us

Anyone play?

Would be fun to get some fellow Pokémon enthusiasts in a game together!

I’ve only lurked around the discord for a bit, but people often seem to be trying to get games going there.

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We just played last night! We play pretty consistently. Typically someone just suggests it then we tag a few people are play. It could be a nightly thing. Its real easy in discord.

Also any programmers out there know how to do the 100 player mod?


Just vote nicewipe


I have it, let me know and I will join

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You can play as long as you don’t vote me (NiceWipe) out like the rest of these buffoons :blush:

But yeah I usually start a games when I see voice has a couple people, super fun!


Hey if it means anything I didn’t vote you off!



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Swole is too good to be left alive

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I will second this


Seeing yall play in discord and all my other friend groups play is so tempting lmfao. I gotta hold back tho XD

Count me in :blush:

We are playing among us tonight if anyone wants to join. Feel free to message me on discord if you want in!

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If someone could figure out the 100 player lobby that would be super fun.

Playing now if anyone wants to join! we have some spots open :blush: just join the discord

Don’t play red.