Amazon has the Most Retarded customer support

So I ordered a few E series boxes from amazon. Not cheap but just under market price. Order was over $1000.
Ordered Nov 17th. Seller doesn’t ship til Nov 25th. Then responds on the 26th saying it will be dropped off this
morning and tracking will follow asap. That is the last I or amazon has heard from the seller. No tracking has been
provided. It’s now passed that long ass window amazon gives for people to ship and have the item arrive.

I’m calling them to file a claim and get the money refunded. They say standard shipping International is 3 to 6 weeks.
This package is coming from Canada! There’s no response from the seller or tracking provided. This idiot on the phone
says to call him but then they give me seller information from another seller. Twice from 2 different customer service people.
After I told him I tried contacting the seller several times and previous customer service people have tried he then tries to
navigate me to the seller’s page to use the “contact seller” feature like I hadn’t been trying to before. They don’t want to
open their “A-Z claim” on this purchase even though in all likelyhood it’s a scam. They want me to wait 6 weeks with no
tracking or seller response to start a claim.

These mouth breaking fuckers are incompetent. They should have a common sense and critical thinking course/test before you
are allowed to help people with judgements on financial matters. If this were ebay/paypal I’d have my money back already. I’m just pissed
because I got off the phone an hour ago with paypal. I had a person file a chargeback because a card was purchased on their account. I used shipping on the $25 card. I was on the phone for less than 5 minutes and I got the money released.

Is Amazon always like this? What’s your experience with Amazon been?

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Yes, amazon has always been like this. You have to wait until the estimated delivery date have passed

Amazon returns are a pain. They don’t seem to endorse them and neither do Amazon sellers.

My experience with Amazon CS has been good, but I make their jobs too easy.

amazon has a big flaw on their system the whole A-Z claim cant be opened till the estimated delivery date has pass.their customer service is a joke they are like reading it from a book or something.I got burned from them once a couple years ago and their logic makes no sense

I’ve only had one problem with an Amazon order, although I’ve only ever bought on there 4 or 5 times. I ordered an item for my mom and picked express 1-day shipping. In the tracking info, it said the seller had sent the package to UPS. After that, tracking never updated and after 3 days I had to e-mail customer service. Maybe that’s better than calling them? All 3 or 4 people that helped me were nice and actually helped. I had a refund within one day of being told to give the seller some time to get the package to us. The item ended up arriving 2 weeks after I got the refund lol. It turned out to be defective so I didn’t bother returning it.