.5 Grades?

Obviously, for example, a PSA 8.5 is a better quality card than an 8 and of lesser quality than a 9, but what makes them tack .5’s onto grades? Going back to the example, could the graders just not decide between an 8 and a 9 and were just like, “fuck it, we’ll give it an 8.5” or what?

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bgs 9.5 are basically psa 10 if crossed over. But if there low subgrades then they will probably not cross over. AS FOR TRHE 8.5… I find it very hideous grade, that i would stay away from… TBH i see alot of mint cards being graded an 8, and then regraded getting a 10 and its purely cause of centering, but I have yet to see a 8.5 that is mint and only reason why it was graded 8.5 is centering… SO id stay the hell away from them lol.
I mean if you give something an 8, it could just be cause of centering, but if you give it an 8.5… that is pretty precise dont you think? had to have something pretty shit with it considering how rare an 8.5 is.

id be gutted with the 8.5 grade, as its so dam rare, and a 7.5… like wtf man. it definitely does fit for some cards, but it is pretty rare for some reason. if there is subgrades like on bgs it will explain everything… however with psa, i dont think there is a way of telling what went through his mind unless you judge it yourself. xD

I havnt really heard of people busting out 8.5’s out of the case and regrading them and scoring a 10… LIKE EVER!

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Hmm makes sense, appreciate the advice. Going to shy away from that 8.5 I was looking at on ebay.

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In order for a card to be considered for the half-point increase, it must exhibit qualities that separate it from the average card within the particular grade. In general, the centering may be the most important factor in achieving the half-point increase with eye-appeal being so crucial in the grader evaluation. Since centering is so important and clearly visible to most collectors, the strength or weakness of the centering will have a significant impact on the final outcome.


This is another reason why i wouldnt suggest getting a 8.5. I got 2 gem mint neo 4 charizards with good centering, and 1 of em got a 8.5 :unamused: the other got the 8.

This is a no rarity charizard before it was graded, and it got a 8.5.

PSA use parameters, so centering is quite subjective from one grader to the next, and thats why you will get shit like this xD

This is why i say. An 8.5 will most likely not be a mint condition card. usually more of a condition problem and paired with a centering issue. Anything graded within the 8 area probably has some kind of psa 8 condition wise problem. Man, reading the description above is just not enough to go on in regards to what we have seen graded alot of times with psa… I find psa’s descriptions to be extremely vague.
As they said, to achieve the half point increase… That basically means this card is in nm-mint condition, and not MINT condition, and the only reason it goes up .5 is because the centerings a bit better? Well I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU… BUT **** THAT CARD.

The .5 grade means someone must have had some difficulty justifying the grade higher or lower which is a big stay the f*** away sign for me if its a 8.5 or lower.

if centering is the crucial factor in deciding the grade then psa might want to introduce a 9.5 grade for cards like the one above instead of giving them 10s randomly, or 8s to others who have sent in pack fresh crooked centered cards. Cause the one above is Gem mint condition, but its oc, and IMO doesnt really go in the so called " parameters " of a PSA GEM 10. BUT WHATEVER.

I hate shining and no raritans… the bitterness is real. but at same time, thats one of the reasons ize loves dem. screw you japanese dragon frontiers.

This kind of explains alot though, that they are most likely giving you an 8, but they increased the grade by .5 because of centering being a bit better or some shit. just further prooves my point that the card wasnt even mint before they gave it the .5 increase… run far far far far away… IT begs the question… why cant they do the same for 9s… There is alot of cards that qualify for 9.5, and this would be a grade alot of 9s could get, and then there wouldnt be much trouble selling those for a good price, and quik. instead of having mint 9’s sit for 3 years because the crossover isnt likely to a 10,or some crap like that.

AN 8.5 can never be mint, but it has the centering of a mint 9. BUt a GEM mint card can be a psa 8 purely based on centering, so Id much rather have a psa 8 that is gem mint like this card below… BUT IM TELLING YOU GUYS… PSA HAS MENTAL PROBLEMS, they should just MAKE THIS DAM CARD BELOW A MINT 9 OC!!!

ITS FLAWLESS!!! WHAT IS WONG with you psa. Seriously… This is what confuses people. This card is GEM MINT, it is perfect but it is OC and it should not be in the same tier as the CHARIZARD no rarity I showed you above with quite the edge wear.

This Blastoise doesnt have a condition issue… Its a centering issue. But its got the centering of an 8?? so its suddenly a psa 8. This shows that psa and bgs are more alike then peeps think. I wonder if this card would get a mint 9 oc at psa if regraded or a mint 9 at BGS.

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lovin’ the detailed breakdown w/ pics, fuck an 8.5 amirite?

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i am confused man. This is coming from the averages ive seen. and I have seen quite a few!!!

These 2 of those blastoise up on ebay like that, so PSA is really sticking to ducking 2 grades for centering even if its gem mint, and so is bgs from what I have seen… but can anyone find me a gem minty fresh 8.5 card??! OR how about 5 8.5 cards that are gem mint, top prove some kind of consistancy on the possibilty that an 8.5 can be GEM mint before they add the .5 grade.

.5 is a bad sign, run away. Unless its a BGS 9.5 or psa makes a 9.5 grade :nerd_face: