2005-2009 Tropical Promos

I recently bought a lot and was wondering what kind of a deal I got. I know a lot of you have dealt with or currently deal with Worlds promos. My basic questions are:

  1. What are these worth?
  2. Are any of them worth getting graded, or would that just make reselling them more difficult?

Here are the cards:
Tropical Tidal Wave 2005 TOP THIRTY-TWO
Tropical Tidal Wave 2006 TOP THIRTY-TWO
Tropical Tidal Wave 2006 TOP SIXTEEN
Tropical Tidal Wave 2006 QUARTER FINALIST

Tropical Tidal Wave 2006 9 CARD SET

Tropical Wind 2009 9 CARD SET

Assume mint to gem mint condition on all of them.

Grading these cards typically won’t bring much of a return. Most of these cards on the market are in mint condition so condition is not as relevant as it is in older cards.