1st Edition Venusaur Grading

I can’t quite see where this Venusaur would grade. I’m feeling a low 9/high 8 but just looking for second opinion

Also, if someone could explain quickly how to use spoilers it would be appreciated :confused:

You’re probably right unless there’s surface problems you can rarely see in pics.

Yeah I would agree it looks like a 9, it sucks that print line is right across venusaurs face aesthetically its not as pleasing.

Yes I will would agree 8-9, personally I would think 8.5 would be fair although the .5 grades are not great but I wouldn’t be surprised if it received the 9, the only big issues is the print line and constant silvering on the top, keep us informed if you decide to grade it would be nice to know the result!

Good luck!

Get yourself a good, clean white-light lamp and a magnifying glass. Try to darken the room and check for defects. Yellow/natural lightning doesn’t help spotting issues on the card as much as white-light does. Also good: do a high contrast scan, sometimes lights up faults.

But, I have to agree. I think it’s a high 8. Silvering on top and the print line would probably blocks it from making a 9.