1st Edition Base Boxes Status

Thought I’d bring this topic here.
Concerning the recent couple of topics on them.

Are the recent few incidents an indication of something that has been brewing under the radar for a while?
Are they a couple of isolated incidents that have just happened to come up at the same time?

I am not at all in the market for one, but I am generally interested

I think it’s just a bunch of people realizing that it’s quick money. And a lot of money at that. It’s actually pretty lucrative when you think about it. Anyone who buys a 1ed Base box has a very low chance of actually opening it up, and if they do its usually after the time for opening a case has passed.

Someone also may have made a bunch of fake booster boxes at one time, sold them, and now people are realizing it and trying to offload them as quickly as possible.

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Yes…mostly point #2.

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