1997 Japanese Meiji Promo Cards

Looking to see if anyone has more info on these 1997 Meiji promo cards regarding something I noticed after first discovering this card and set. I made a post on my IG page about this but not much comments yet, so I thought I’d try here as well. A side by side photo of my 2 cards are below.


When I first discovered this card, I noticed that some cards had more square corners than others. From a quick ebay search, there does appear to be more cards with the rounded corners than with the square corners. I found this page describing the history of Meiji cards and it doesn’t mention anything about the different corner types.

PSA graded cards with the two different corner types are all labeled the exact same too. It would be interesting to find out if each was from a different print run, different chocolate product, or something else.


@cardstockpile might be able to help you out here.


I did find the post about the 1998 Meiji cards. There was talk about the square and rounded corners. Doesn’t look like we’ll find any definite answers.

There was no consensus. @rainbow had mentioned they would look in to this at some point but not sure if they have had time.

I know this might be a stretch. But a lot of times if you find a Japanese forum/discord you could ask some Japanese collectors! They might remember where they come from etc. I always find that the best for finding information about these type of things that are completely foreign to anywhere else in the world.

I have not. Sorry about the late response, I just moved.