1008 Pokémon Video

Very cute, probably a crazy amount of editing though :face_with_spiral_eyes:


This was incredible! What a tour through the ages. I loved the remixed music throughout. I know a lot of people were expecting some kind of reveal, but this was amazing just to watch and listen to. I love these unique things that Pokemon does.

Here’s to the next 1000!


It really hit me in the nostalgia feels. Even though there was no reveal after the video, I still thought it was worth watching.

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What a fun video, really shows off all the different things Pokemon has done with how everything can evolve and different categories on Pokemon.


That was really cool!
On a side note, seeing Snorlax be called Relaxo in German will never not be funny to me.


At least 1008 or more to see…


I really enjoyed this video. I love the promotional videos Pokemon releases, especially for anniversaries and what not. They always hit me right in the feels

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Wow this was adorable. Though it reminded me of how many names I have yet to learn. :upside_down_face:


This was incredibly cool and nostalgic. Thanks for sharing!

Loved how the Pokemon were arranged based on encounter similarities (early game birds, fishing, rock smash etc.), evolution methods and special titles (legendaries, mythicals, ultra beasts etc.).

Also didn’t realize until now how clever it is for Gimmighoul to be #999 in the Pokedex and require 999 coins to evolve into the #1000 Pokemon, Gholdengo.


Really cool how they took the time to put different encounters into categories. The evolving types were fun.

And in case it hasn’t been mentioned, the music editing is top notch too. Not just cutting tracks, but also mashing up and merging remixes! TPC Does a really good job of honoring it’s own legacy. even if we don’t particularly like everything they produce.

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got a lil’ teared up watching this! really wonderful video

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Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Love that they even included all the different forms (and TIL Sinistea and Polteageist have multiple forms :wink: ).

But dang, both the music and video itself must have taken quite a while to complete! :dizzy_face:
EDIT: And even little things like this:

Pikachu being 25 after the first 8 sets of 3 starters, it’s national dex number being 25 and appearing at 0:25 was so perfect



This is a cool video, and I like how we all have our Pokemon memories somewhere in the mix of it all.