01/08/12 - Karen's Umbreon

What do you think about this card?
No one has been doing COTW, so I decided, why not

Eeveelution collectors make this card all hyped up! I feel like Umbreon/Espeon are the most popular eeveelutions. I really like this card as I like all the VS cards because they weren’t released in English.

It is one of the most beautiful VS cards for the eeveelutions. I was SO sad that Vaporeon was the only older Eeveelution to not get a VS card :slightly_frowning_face: He needs one too.

Annie’s Espeon also has the same kind of charm as Karen’s Umbreon (Cept instead of being a vs it comes from a rare movie set) but they are both very beautiful.

I just wish people would stop selling it for large sums tho T_T

its just more wanted cause no one cared or knew that the VS set had Eeveelutions at all.i see it as it was overlooked by many other wise this card would not be worth 60

then you get cards like Jasmine’s Jolteon and Karen’s Flareon who doen’t NEARLY hit the value like this card, even Will’s ESPEON doesn’t hit the mark like this.

Maybe because it’s the only holo VS eeveelution…

maybe and it was pretty hard to pull for people since the red/blue pack is very rare to find anyways

because of everyone’s favourite!

I definitely agree with the thought that Espeon and Umbreon are the two most popular Eeveelutions, with Umbreon taking the top spot because people also really like Dark Pokemon, and that’s partially why this card is a “big deal.” It’s like the other five don’t even begin to the compare to the hype/number of cards with super-inflated prices that the Johto duo have.