WTT/WTB Have: Sealed Bulbasaur Squirtle Intro Deck and Tyranitar VS Deck. Want: Blue creatures deck box, International Team Aqua and Firered decks

Throwing a Hail mary in case anyone has a Creatures deck box. All I want is the blue box the deck came in. No other packaging needed, no cards, just the box to make it into my deck box collection. No idea where to value it but hit me up if its even possible.

Beyond that, Im also looking for a Sealed or unsealed versions of a few theme decks. Hoping someone has them in their collections and can part with them. Willing to do this worldwide if you can somehow get it in your area, just reach out first.
Looking for:
Team Aqua with international barcode
FireRed with international barcode

I have for trade a sealed Bulbasaur Squirtle Intro deck, also have a sealed Tyranitar VS half Deck. Im willing to trade in your favor on value to make it happen (reasonably so) but any excessive to be topped up with paypal or other cards. These should be the last few box versions I need for my theme deck collection so please help me source them.

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