WTT Mewtwo PSA 10 1st edition Holo

With another recent comp coming up in the $2750USD range, I’m comfortable posting this up again for trade!

Looking for Jungle PSA 10 holos I need:

Snorlax / Scyther / Victreebell / Vileplume / Clefable / Nidoqueen

  • whatever adds on to bring it to the 2750 range.

Thank you!

Would also consider 1st edition zards of the appropriate value instead of the above

I got rid of my 1st edition holos, So i have no need for this mewtwo any longer! Looking for a home that will appreciate it more than I!


Oh hey, that was the one I sold! Just wanted to drop by to say the sale went through and both parties are happy, so enjoy and good luck!

Sent you a pm