WTT: Grand Party PSA 9 Want: 1st Ed Gym Holos

Hi guys. Looking to do my 1st trade on efour and I have a goodie. Let me know if interested! Thank you!

I want to trade a Grand Party Japanese Promo PSA 9

I’m looking for an assortment of 1st edition PSA 9 gym holos, but will accept certain cards from other sets as well. Most of my wants are from the gym sets.

1st Ed psa 9 Koga’s beedrill 110
1st ed psa 9 misty trainer Holo 110
1st Ed psa 9 Giovanni’s Persian 170
1st Ed psa 9 Erika’s clefable 100
1st Ed psa 9 Misty’s tentacruel 90
1st Ed psa 9 Erika’s dragonair 180
1st Ed psa 9 lt surge Holo 90
1st ed psa 9 Giovanni’s gyarados 200
1st ed psa 9 lt.surges Magneton 80

1st Ed psa 9 dark dragonite holo 350
1st Ed psa 9 dark hypno Holo 90
1st Ed psa 9 dark machamp Holo 110

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