WTB/WTTF nm raw mudkip & torchic GS

I am looking to a get a mudkip or torchic gold star in nm condition and am willing to buy or trade for them.
Looking to buy at around $120-130
Looking to trade same value
Also I will do a buy/trade if possible

Here are cards I have for trade
PSA 8 1st edition dark ampharos
PSA 10 M garchomp ex xy promo (pop 1 last I checked)
Dragons exalted ho-oh full art (nm)
Boundaries crossed computer search ace spec (nm)
Florges full art (nm)
Primal groudon full art primal clash (nm)
Rumble pikachu holo (ex)
Rumble venusaur holo (ex)
Venusaur full art (nm)
Base mewtwo holo (ex)
Fossil articuno holo (ex)
Neo genesis ampharos holo (ex)
Shining kabutops (nm-)
Ex sandstorm Warlord ex (lp)
Magma vs aqua entei ex (ex)
Ash’s pikachu Lv X JP promo (nm)