WTB: Specific sealed booster and display boxes Base/Fossil++

I am looking for these sealed boxes, preferably mint:

Base Set + Green Wings + No Logos
Base Set + “Made in UK” on bottom
Base Set + “Made in AUS” on bottom
Fossil Unlimited + Red Lettering
Ex Team Magma Vs Aqua
Ex Hidden Legends

I will gladly pay a reasonably good price for these boxes… or trade if allowed.

Also looking for these PreConstructed Display Boxes(8 decks sealed)

Base Starter + No Logo
Base Starter & Base Theme + No Logo + Gold Strip
Fossil + Red Lettering
Neo Genesis

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If I decide to let any go Rusty ill email you:)

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Good luck on the hunt rusty. That hidden legends popped up on auction from boomer 99 on ebay. I have a friend who has a few cases. If he decodes to sell any I’ll let you know or pass them along at cost plus shipping.

All the boxes this guy has are from cases. I got a box from him awhile ago and it was pristine.

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