WTB: Shining Mewtwo Japanese Neo 4 PSA 10

Hello. I am looking to buy a big card for my collection; a Shining Mewtwo PSA 10 from Neo 4. I am looking to offer $6.5k, but this price is negotiable.

I would also greatly appreciate it if any of you can point in towards any listing of this card at a PSA 10 either online or in a shop in Japan. Cheers!

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I am sure you saw the one on Mercari asking for ¥1.53M… even with the yen being weak, it would appear to be above your price point.

Interestingly, the seller admits it has some ‘white chipping’ in spite of being a 10… I am always happy to ask if he would be willing to negotiate, if you are interested.


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Hello. I did see that one for sale. Unfortunately because of the white chipping, I did not want to buy that one, especially at the price point. I did see some semi recent sales for this card on Yahoo Japan auctions that was more in the condition I was looking for with a price point around my asking price. I am willing to travel to Japan for this card if need be.

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Whoa, fair play! That would be a fun trip. If you ever happen to make it over and our paths cross, it would be fun to get coffee with another collector!

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$8500 obo