WTB PSA/GCG/BGS/ect. 9 or 9.5 Champion Road 2000 Trio ‐ 10% Finders Fee

10% Finders Fee

Looking for PSA 10 Totodile, Cyndaquil, and Chikorita CR gold set symbol. Also looking for strong PSA 9s / bgs 9.5, old‐cert cgc 9.5, or raw with good centering that may regrade psa 10. Prices are slightly higher than last few auction comps. If youre selling higher or not selling now but may eventually, PM me and ill save your contact for the future.

PSA 10
Totodile $650
Cyndaquil $650
Chikorita $600

BGS 9.5
CGC 9.5 or 10
Raw (only sellers with established reputations)
$ slightly more than comps

Thanks for looking!

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I am now looking mostly for 9s or 9.5s

Still let me know about 10s as ill be looking to buy in the future.

Happy collecting!