WTB PSA 9 Gold Star Kyogre & PSA 9 Gold Star Mewtwo

Hey! Friends!

Looking to pay $1150 G&S Shipped for Kyogre and $2000 G&S Shipped for Mewtwo!

All shipping to Florida (United States)

Thanks :blush:


raised prices! Please let me know!

Paying 1900 G&S Shipped for mewtwo now! Already bought Kyogre for $1110 on ebay!


Please! Paying 2000 USD G&S shipped for Mewtwo! Pain


Might be worth sending this guy an offer – got listed within the past day.

Hey! Not sure if interested but I have a PSA 8 gold Star Mewtwo that I’m looking to sell @mitty

I’d consider the 8, what’s your price?

Hey there!

The average of the last few sales that I saw was about $1,256 so I was thinking about $1,250. Let me know what you think @mitty and I’d be happy to PM or provide pictures with a time stamp of the card!

Hey! I just did some research and your price is very reasonable considering the comparables. However, I can’t pay that much for an 8 :slightly_frowning_face:. I’d be able to do $1000 g&s shipped, but I definitely understand if that is outside of your range. I’m trying to get 9s of most of these and have to leave room to upgrade. ( 8 plus cash to get a 9)