WTB: PSA 1st Edition Base Set cards

Looking for the following in PSA 8-9,

And any others!!! Let me know what you have!

I have a PSA 9 Clefairy. What’s your offer?

Interested in psa 9 zapdos and venusaur?

I posted on your last thread, I linked pics to my ungraded Alakazam there

Link wouldn’t let me see any pics

I thought I changed it so that now the post just shows the images

I have Blastoise PSA 8, Raichu PSA 9, and Chansey PSA 9.

DM me if youre interested.

I have a strong PSA 8 Mewtwo if you’re interested.

I have an 8 Alakazam, Blastoise, and Ninetales. I’ll PM you.