WTB: PCL Autographs

Looking for PCL autographs. Offering a minimum of $100 USD / auto but open to negotiation. Will pay a premium if you have an autograph I don’t already own. Here is an example of some I own:

Can also trade and have a large inventory of 2001-2006 “retro-era” promos.


I have this one I recently picked up I noticed your middle card had a similar signature! Do you know the person was please? (Sorry to hijack your post, but info on this kinda stuff is hard to find :joy:)


Welcome to E4! Honestly, I don’t know. It’s been pretty hard to find info on the PCL employees identities.

Based on the bottom, it shows “BR 05” which makes me think it is from the 2005 Battle Road events. More info on the event is available in this Pokumon article – unfortunately no details on the actual PCL employees though.

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You’re indeed right. I’ve seen this same PCL signature a few times before, with different but similar texts below it of other events:

Unfortunately, I also have no idea who’s signature that is.


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