WTB EX Ruby & Sapphire Lapras ex PSA 10

Offering $1250Boy do I regret not buying this for $70 a few years ago… But now it’s time to finally get my hands on it!
I live in the Netherlands so would prefer a European seller but anywhere else is fine as well!


Bump, upped my offer on the Lugia again… didn’t expect it would be this hard to find one :slightly_frowning_face:

There is a SL Lugia on eBay for $1000 currently, maybe reach out to that seller and see if they are willing to ship international?


@darkapples, kpod posted a lugia in a 9 for $100 more than your oferring. Might not ship international but you could use a middleman

Thank you guys, I reached out to the seller!

Bump, looking for my favorite Lapras card!


Bump, upped my offer

pmed, got Lapras Ex PSA10 UFS.