WTB Evolutions Prerelease Non Holo Ninetales, Poliwrath, Mew

Hey Everyone,

Looking to buy the 3 Non Holo Rares from the prerelease boxes.

Need -

15/108 Non Holo Ninetales
25/108 Non Holo Poliwrath
53/108 Non Holo Mew

If I could get all 3 at once that would be awesome, not sure on price but maybe $1 per?

Let me know Thanks in advance.

Also I do have a shipping address in USA so would be shipping to USA not Canada. :blush:


15/108 Non Holo Ninetales
53/108 Non Holo Mew


25/108 Non Holo Poliwrath

There’s not a Charizard non Holo one right?

There isn’t a non holo, but there are 7 Other Variations of Charizard lol

11/108 Charizard Fire Rare Holo

12/108 CharizardEX Fire Rare Holo ex

13/108 MegaCharizardEX Fire Rare Holo ex
101/108 MegaCharizardEX Fire Rare Ultra
11/108 Charizard Fire “Evolutions” stamp Prerelease promo

11/108 Charizard Fire Staff “Evolutions” stamp Prerelease promo

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Oh thank God! Lol thanks!

@colours Do you mind if I ask how much you paid? The non holo mew is around $30 on ebay. I just finished the staff and prereleased of evolutions, trying to complete everything :grin:

Don’t mind at all, ended up finding them for $3 each. Thinking now I got lucky. Lol

Also doing the same as you, last cards I need are:

Non holo Poliwrath
Staff Mewtwo
Staff machamp
Staff Gyarados

If I come across more non holos I’ll let you know :blush:

Thanks!!! Don’t forget about the Toys R Us Charmander and Electabuzz, the Electabuzz was released a few days ago and is still cheap.