WTB Complete 1st edition jungle & Fossil set ( NM + )

Will be dealt with through middleman in the US ( member of the page as well ). No idea what a full set goes for but very interested.

I could get you set up with complete common/uncommon sets for quite cheap if that is of any interest, though I understand if you are only looking for the whole thing in one go.

yeah i have seen a few of those sets on ebay , are yours pack fresh~ish ? What would you like for both sets ?

I have pack fresh ones that went directly to penny sleeves and pack fresh ones that went straight into the long cardboard boxes. I will think about pricing tonight and shoot you a PM. If you have an offer in mind though feel free to send it over and I will let you know and save me the research. I have a ballpark idea as I sold a few sets of each a year or two ago on eBay. I don’t need to get crazy on these and don’t mind doing a deal for forum members and direct paypal sale.

For condition info: The ones that went directly to penny sleeve I graded 2 of each that I had (I did look them over to send the mintiest of the mint) and I got much more than half 10s and some 9s with nothing under 9. The ones remaining would be slightly picked over and I am sure a good mix of 8/9/10. The unsleeved ones should be similar with higher proportion of 8 and less 10’s I would imagine.

message sent :blush:

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