Does anyone know why the Japanese set is more expensive then the English set? I’m thinking because its sought after more or lower pop.


I think these came in the Half deck

There are significantly less 1st edition versions of this card than unlimited. Classic case.

Like Scott said, this card is incredibly difficult to find in 1st ed. Let alone respectable condition.

In fact, I have yet to see a copy of this card in mint condition that wasn’t sealed. And sealed decks aren’t cheap.

EDIT: This is by no means a $2,000 card by the way.

Ahh ok.

Makes perfect sense, thanks!

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I forgot to mention, the contents of these decks constitute their own “mini-set.” Each deck has certain cards that it may contain, and is comparable to a large booster pack since the contents are somewhat random. That said, it takes a minimum of 6 decks to complete the set of 52 numbered cards (assuming you have a bit of luck).

Several members on here know that I was hunting down the “Colorless” type cards from this set for awhile. They are the most difficult to find, because they do not appear in each deck. I was stoked to pull the last cards I needed in 1st ed, but I am still missing a few…