Which Pokemon snap card is most desirable?




how much does it go for?


gotta be Pikachu, then maybe the 3 original starters and Gyarados? just based on how popular these pokemon are and their nostalgia.
Not based on availability, sales etc :wink: just my own personal opinion and guess

Does anyone have any recent sales numbers on PSA 9 or 10 Snap cards?

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Unfortunately for me, I’m pretty sure Scott is right. Pikachu is a very popular Pokémon, and since there is no SNAP Charizard nor Mewtwo, Pikachu is the most desirable and most expensive if it ever pops up for sure. I hope I can one day own a copy of my own in my Pikachu collection, but since the last sale (a.f.a.i.k.) was in 2006, I just have to save all the money I can for when it does pop up again one day (and then I probably still won’t be able to win it I’m assuming…)


I may be wrong, if so I apologize.However…I dont think PSA grade snap cards due to insufficient information on the cards?

Someone correct me If that is incorrect

They grade the Poliwag, however currently they do not grade any of the others. With time I imagine they might, but at this moment other ones will be ungraded if they ever pop up. The reason why is because they claim there is insufficient information on the cards though, yes.

They do grade the others, there’s a gyarados, bulbasaur, koffing and chansey graded.
However they won’t grade some of the snap cards (like charmander) as the photo of the original card book differs from the actual card(I think the text on the bottom)


Oh really? Do they belong to any of the members of the forum? I had always assumed it was only the Poliwag that was graded as I never saw a single other card mentioned to be graded. Sorry for the incorrect information in that case!

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*The room is silent as his body drops to the floor, as if he were lost in time itself*

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Greatest piece of cardboard ever to be printed this side of the milky way


You mean this is:

Go for the 10 buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/s538570131 :ninja:

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Little too pricey for me. I’ll save up for my goals for now. Maybe in the future if Shizzle doesn’t decide to pick up a second :wink:

I want a bulbasaur now.

are the snap cards more desired than the worlds championship no.1-3 trainer cards?

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Sold. A barguin :wink: buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/s538570131

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The Bulbasaur Snap is the only card I do not desire a playset off… unlike all the other Bulbasaurs =)
Just having 1, even heavily played, copy would be enough for my collection.

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I had no idea that you owned that! Amazing! :blush:

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