Where are the VGC players at?

The title says it all really, I am on e4 a lot and am tired of reading about investments, PSA conspiracies, Charizards. Anyway I wanted to start a thread to find the VGC players, rather than the collectors. So I thought maybe i could just start a thread where people could talk about their teams, or if they wanted info on the meta I could help out with that too. Since i am bored in this Coronavirus pandemic and don’t want to read anymore is this a good investment threads, I could help anyone who wanted to know about VGC or just talk about tournaments/strategy/metas/teams, or anything that is VGC related.

So if you are a player post something, what team are you playing? your meta, maybe list your trades, ask a question about a Pokemon you are looking for or want to know more about, brag about your team, anything that has anything to do with playing is good :+1:


Same, and thank you for this different topic. :blush:

I will say, im not much of a VGC competitive player at all really, but id love to hear others takes who are quite involved!


Pokemon’s about competition. It always has been. Nothing gets me more pumped than an exciting match.

Does wrecking shop on Pokemon Showdown count?

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Oh i can agree, but for me it moreso held more of a emotional love over competition hence my kind of out of the loop sense of the video games. Like, and i feel like a loser for saying this lol, but just a few months ago I learned that different natures mean different things in the games haha. I was always more into just playing, getting my fav pokemon, and going on the adventure over the battling with others, but im completely fascinated with those who are deeply involved because it really sheds a cool light on things I was once unaware of! Also, i might like to learn someday too!

Right now, im more getting deeper into the tcg playing, which that alone is so time consuming. I really do just honor those who have such a capability to grasp such things and prevail. Shows such a dedication and skill in ones character.

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Well said @Dizzle! The TCG is great fun, but I’ve always found it to be expensive to play competitively, especially compared to VGC.

I there’s so many Pokemon, and so many interesting combinations that can be played it’s almost overwhelming if you’ve been out of the meta for a while. I have just resumed competitive play. I love seeing a new strategy obliterate my Gary Oak mentality :rofl:

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I’ll have to look at my old computer since it has the actual team, but I ran a vgc legal doubles team with I think psych up mega mewtwo x + geomancy xerneas with smeargle/azelf as my first two(explosion azelf to take out the strong leads)

I swear it had like a 90% win rate lol

I have tried my hand at competitive now and then but I’m a shiny hunter, so I prefer to breed my Mon’s for IV’s and personally love EV training for fun.
Extremely satisfying breeding a perfect shiny IV with correct natures and max EVing them.
S&S took a lot of the fun/grind out of doing it the ‘proper’ way so I stick to older games.

and I wonder why I don’t have time, here’s me SRing every legend in the franchise lol

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You shiny hunters are a in a different class of dedicated for sure! :grin:

Just got wrecked on SWSH casual doubles. Seems like there’s a lot of variety out there compared to other generations

i mean the whole point of pokemon is literally in the theme song - to be the best like no one ever was. sometimes they just need a little extra motivation.

I LOVE VGC! Actually been following it for years, and i play casually. It’s a lot of fun! For me it’s about finding my play style and then really working on a decent team. I generally like hyper offense, but my best games are typically when I work on survive-ability combined with control and defensive piviots. Best thing about pokemon is there are a million different ways to play it.

Some matches I’ve had on this account (I’m like, mid 1350s):
Highest I’ve gotten on ladder this year is just over 1500, for me, that’s pretty solid.

If playing competitively against in-game AI counts, I have been doing this for years in the battle frontier of Pokemon Emerald. The metagame of gen 3 is the most balanced in my opinion and it’s definitely my favorite! I always liked the smooth battle animations of gen 3 and that a lot of moves and pokemon from R/B/Y are still usable in gen 3. At the moment attempting a 100-win streak at the battle tower with Snorlax (curselax), Suicune (substitute+calm mind), and Latias (calm mind+recover).