What would you pay?

What’s up guys what would you pay max for a sealed 1st edition fossil booster box

For an original three sets 1st Ed box there is a lot of growth potential. I’d be willing to push above market value to secure one. I’m not sure what market value is right now though. $13-1500?

Anyone else?

are you looking for its actual market value? or just everyones personal number they would pay?

Would love to hear both sides please

the last couple sales i can personally see are between 1.5 and 1.6k USD, if i really wanted one i’d pay a little over that if i had to

The fact that these are not higher kind of surprises me…

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The current market?

Both Fossil and Jungle are underappreciated, I’m not sure what to really make of it. Plus there’s just not a lot of value there so it makes sense it would sell quite a bit lower than Unlimited which is currently at about $2500.

$1500-1700 sounds fair to me currently, but I see some room for growth.

Speak of the Devil 1st Ed Fossil for $1500

omg… 1500… where have i been…
feels like i’m on a different planet… since when did fossil boxes become 1500??