What kind of variant is this vending card?

Hi E4,

found out there are 2 Variants of the Vending Series Dodrio Card.
I remember bothering muk with it but it wasnt clear what it could be.
It isnt Light/Dark Variant or a Reprint like Gift Set.
Luckily there is a Sale with the Description “Numbered Variant”
Someone have Informations what does this actually mean?

Is there evidence of a variant other than an ebay description? I’ve not heard of this before

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Looks like there is a #065 and a #085 vending Dodrio

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Are you sure that’s not just a label error? because the card in the APR looks like it says 85 to me


I remember this when I worked on this, I was very confused.
TCG Fish Vending Dodrio

There are #65 and #85, There are only 2 #65 sales on tcgfish(last sold Dec-2021), most of them are #85.

I believe psa mislabeled them.


Yeah I won’t speak for PSA lmao

But this is likely what the eBay seller in OP’s post is referring to by “Numbered Variant.”

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I remember a Year ago 3 were in the Pop Report. now its 13.
I guess a Human error is very unlikely.
There have to be a Reason they keep getting labeled different or PSA has the same confused Grader for the same Cards ^^

Don’t underestimate PSA’s ability not to care


Seconding this.

There are three different PSA labels for the gen 3 Euro POP starters and half of the pop report for Blaziken 3/109 EXRS is mislabeled. PSA’s QA has gotten better in the last 2-3 years and they’ve expanded to grade a huge number of languages, but employee 9-to-5 cruise control will always result in errors that continue to go unnoticed

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is there an example were someone pointed out they misslabeled and PSA corrected their faults?

@wotcfetish Maybe PSA’s mistake is a double edged sword. The more mistakes they make, the bigger the pop count, therefore the second variant must be real!

Just starting a vending binder collection now, will keep an eye out for this.

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