What Are You Thankful For? 2022

With today being Thanksgiving in the US, I thought it would be a good opportunity to reflect on what I am most grateful for.

Im thankful for the hobby cooling off. It is nice to have a calm attitude towards collecting again without all the fomo from 2020/21.

I am also thankful for finding a new collecting passion with autographs! Im very lucky to have gotten the opportunity this past september to meet Kouki Saitou

I would love to hear what you all have to say! Happy Thanksgiving!


Thankful to be in a position where I could leave a back breaking full time job this year to venture out into the world of selling cards full time. Being able to support myself off of the hobby that ive loved for six years now.


Definitely thankful that I’ve been able to continue working from home and not spend a fortune on the inflated gas prices this year and keep my full-time job going. This has allowed me to build up a lot of my Pokemon collection much faster, and especially with the downturn in markets we’ve seen. Being frugal most of my life has paid off this year, and I’ve been able to remain solvent and take advantage of the big drops in many investments, which I think will pay off in 5+ years from now.

I do hope next year things come around for people more though. I know a lot of people have had some rough times with rising costs, job losses or other things this year and have had to give up a lot of luxuries. I think for those who can remain solvent this year, you’ve done well! Things could definitely be worse is how I feel, but I’m optimistic going forward after the past couple years.


Grateful for the relationships I have in e4 and throughout the entire community, a brand new collection I have now after selling most of it after I almost left the hobby last year, growing and prospering as an individual in life, and barely using my inhaler this year which makes me feel more halal.


Great thread idea. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and growing in my career this past year. I’m also thankful that I have been able to hit several goals and milestones for my collection. E4 continues to be a fantastic place to virtually hang out and connect with fellow collectors and I would love to see it continue to thrive


I’m thankful for this community and that I stuck with collecting through the hype. It’s fun to have long term goals that will be difficult to acheive, but not impossible.

Also thankful for family, friends, and pets.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Outside of collections, I’m thankful with my new job. Having a lot more fun than my previous job, with great colleagues whom I now also play squash and D&D with every two weeks. :slight_smile: I’m also thankful my friends and family are still healthy and doing well.

For my collections, I’m still glad I decided to stop collecting all Pikachu languages since February 27th, 2021 onwards. Collecting is both time-wise and financially at a much more healthy pace. I don’t have to keep track and buy roughly 200 Pikachu TCG cards in a single year. (Although I still have the feeling I’m lacking time lately, haha. :sweat_smile: )



I’m grateful for you guys! :heart:


Thanks for starting this @cooltrainertony.

Grateful for you and your passion, Scott! And the passion of this community!

edit: Thankful for the awesome new home the admins and mods all labor over to build for us here!

It’s important to look back, and remember what was or is, and I’m definitely thankful for the cool-off as well. I don’t feel pressured to DO IT NOW, as we did in 2020. I also appreciate the amazing art in this hobby, and the quick response of TPC and the market to things like re-seals and shenanigans at signings. (Hoping for many more of those in the future.)

On the personal side, I’m thankful for the support structures around me in my life, and awesome, real people at work and school that allowed me to make it through the pandemic with work (in tourism, amazingly :open_mouth:), a Masters, and hopefully soon, a much better trajectory in life. I’m also glad for the lessons learned through random chance and taking chances on opportunities with people and organizations in life.

Holiday cheer to everyone and best wishes for all who read this, as we continue to hurtle through space in '23.




I am thankful for e4. Y’all are so knowledgeable and kind.



Please do tell more

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Thankful for this hobby and the good things I have in my life.

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I am thankful to have a wife and parents who are so supportive of my love of Pokémon. From my wife trying to learn the names of Pokémon and opening booster boxes with me and letting me dedicate a room of our house to my collecting; to my mom paying for my Pikachu tattoo for my birthday this year, it just feels great to be supported in choosing to not grow out of Pokémon. I know too many people have to deal with judgement for their passion