UPCCC Image Gallery

I know there has been some talk about this before, but I think that it’s a worthwhile idea. I’d be willing to head the project. Here’s how I propose it work:

I post a checklist of Japanese promos (we’ll start with just the promos for now).
People make reservations of cards they have/can get hi-res scans of.
You can watermark them with your own personal watermark if you’d like.
Resize to predetermined size.
You someone get them to me (email, upload to website then link it to me, etc).

What do you guys think of this? I think it’d be nice to get a database of hi-res scans that we have easy access to.

Comment, concerns, suggestions?

I like the idea.

For the watermark, I think a UPCCC watermark would be totally boss haha. Imagine if all the Illustrator scans out there had a sweet UPCCC watermark :wink:

I’d be more than happy to help with that. :blush:

Well I’m glad we got some interest in this!
Would anyone else be willing to help out with uploading pictures?

if the scanners edit the pictures to a uniform size I could probably mass watermark the pictures in Photoshop

Watermarking isn’t a problem - you can do that in mass like Tolan said. The biggest hassle would be making sure all the pictures are the same size.

I think if we just set a size (say 250x350 or something that doesn’t look distorted), you can edit the size in mass too.

250x350 seems a bit small? Surely something a bit higher res? :blush:

Yeah, that was just two random numbers tbh aha

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2500 x 3,500 would be better

So who would we have that’d be willing to scan images, and crop/resize them to a set size?

I’d be up for resizing stuff, but I can’t really contribute scans because I don’t have any unumbered Japanese cards :stuck_out_tongue:

Well either way I’d be up for editing cards. Not all the scans though :wink:

Ok I’ll start scanning tomorrow, what will be the default size to use? Also, what to use for watermarking en mass as well as watermarking with what?