Transparent XY Roaring Skies packs, potentially fake?

My LCS got a good bit of XY pack in recently so I snagged these two Roaring Skies boosters without even noticing that they’re somewhat see through. I weighed them against my other Roaring Skies packs and the weights are all within range. The seals are tight and the crimps not faded either. I’ve also tried reading the alpha-numeric code but some of the coloring is too strong.

Everything checks out that they’re real except for the fact they’re see through. Could this be an error when printing the packs or do you think fake?
Thanks everyone!

It’s always hard to tell. A lot of it may have to do with how it was stored. What was the temperature in the room? Did they have boxes on top of it? You may never know unless you ask the buyer. Or you could just open it and find out they are fake. Or real cards
warped af. Too many variables. Best of luck.


Unsure where they actually came from or the stored settings. I bought them the same day the shop got them in, but I’m definitely tempted to rip it open. Thanks for the info!

XY era packs have some of the goofiest and weirdest quality issues I’ve ever seen. Would I be surprised the packs are real? No, not really. Would I be surprised if they were fake? Maybe? I’ve never seen fake code cards in packs (in fact I’ve never seen people put in code cards for fake packs).

I’m not sure how wrappers are printed, but I assume there’s a metallic inner layer and a plastic outer layer that are combined together. I’m only assuming because with modern packs you CAN separate packs into 2 layers if you’re careful in pulling them apart.

Gengarbrigade is right though, if theyre real there’s a lot of factors at play and the only way to verify, is to buy and open them. If you think the chances are slim to be real, don’t purchase them, simple as that.


I wouldn’t be concerned, I’ve encountered transparent packs on a number on bw/xy sets. Roaring skies is definitely one of them. All the packs from the booster box would be transparent. You’d also get normal of amounts of holos/SR.