Tolan's Humble Beginnings

Hello all!
As some of you may or not have realized, I took a pretty long break from collecting. Now that I’m back, I have sold pretty much all of my past collection to start anew. That being said, my current collection is pretty small. However, I do have more cards coming in the mail!

The first card I got was a Sweepstakes Feraligatr. It’s in Mint+ condition, which is surprising, considering that the seller sent it without a sleeve >__<

I’m thinking about getting it graded, but I’m still on the edge.

I hope you guys enjoyed, and please stay tuned for future additions!

Great start! I love the sweepstakes cards. The holographic effects in person are absolutely beautiful…plus the artwork is very vibrant. You should try to obtain the other two now :blush:

I totally agree. I’m just waiting for the other two to be up on eBay!

You’re off to a great start my friend, starting from scratch is always fun as long as it wasn’t by force (stolen collection, etc.). Please keep us updated and of course pictures included. :blush:

Thanks for the kind words!
No, it wasn’t forced. I just felt like my older collection was stuff that I didn’t like very much, and instead of keeping cards I had little interest in, I decided to start anew!

Well, depending on what is in it, you’ve got some English collectors here that might like to pick a pretty card or two from your old English collection. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do yourself a favor and hang tight to those cards until you are entirely sure you want to get rid of them. :blush:

New additions! The mew is from eBay, and the ther two are from @bagoly14

shazam, new cards. the seller of the Pikachu/Koga’s Ninja Gym threw in like 4 extras and it was pretty sweet

I’ve always loved the way the Koga’s Ninja Gym looked, it is definitely Kinebuchi at his finest.

That Latios is super nice too :blush:

Yeah, it’s just really unique.

And Alto Mare Lati@s are arguably my favorite cards, and when I saw this one for like $4, even though the condition is terrible, I jumped on it ahah

Koga’s Ninja Gym is one of my favorites, too. One of the rooms in my house actually looks a lot like the illustration on that card!

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