Tamamushi University Magikarp

I’m considering purchasing a Tamamushi University Magikarp (direct sale, not via an auction) here in Japan. The card has considerable edge wear/whitening, but it’s a prize I’d like to have in my collection. I wouldn’t have it PSA-graded, and I think it would probably rate Good or perhaps Very Good.

The seller wants me to make an offer.

Any suggestions or advice?

Why not? It’s a great card edge wear or not and if you can agree on a fair price I would definitely take the opportunity. But if the condition bothers you, ask @m786ali I think he has at least one MINT copy for sale at the moment?!

If you’ve got the cash to spare, you should do it. I never feel as though lack of PSA grading undermines the pleasure of a card being part of your collection. That being said, you could probably knock the seller down to around £1000/$1500 based on condition.

Not that I’ve ever bought a card that expensive.

Thanks, everyone, for the feedback thus far.

The one on YJA right now is actually in much better condition than the one I’m considering. I’m looking mainly to fill a gap in my “old back” era collection, so the condition of the card isn’t my main concern.

You can always authenticate grade it

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I purchased a mint copy off Yahoo Japan 6 months ago for $900 USD. I can’t see a “good” copy going for more than $650…at least I would not spend more than that.

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I’m leaning toward $500.

Thanks again, everyone!

I would be leaning towards at least the $800 mark for the card in that condition, just my $0.02. If I could find it right now for $500, I’d snap it up no questions asked. That’s me personally.

Upwards of $800 for a card with considerable edge wear/whitening?

Well in nm/mint condition they have sold upwards of $1500, and the listings I’ve seen on Yahoo Japan have all exceeded 1K from what I can remember. I figured $800 would be a fair price since you say it’s better than the other one on Yahoo Japan (which was bad, but not awful for condition).

Again if one was up for $500, if it wasn’t frayed or creased I’d buy it right now for my binder. If you can get it around that price, I would say you’re laughing :blush: but I wouldn’t expect many sellers to let it go for that.

Oh I got that backwards, for some reason I read that the one he was considering was much better than the one on Yahoo Japan. Whoops :stuck_out_tongue:

Still haven’t made the decision, though I’m beginning to lean away from it. I don’t need it that badly…