SV07 - Stellar Crown (Eng) / SV7 - Stellar Miracle (JP) - New Stellar Tera Type Pokemon

SV7 Stellar Miracle

Main Set

SV7 003/102 Lileep (illus. Ounishi)
SV7 004/102 Cradily (illus. miki kudo)
SV7 090/102 Antique Root Fossil (illus. AYUMI ODASHIMA)

Art Rare

SV7 104/102 AR Lileep (illus. Mori Yuu)

  • Mori Yuu’s first card was Inkay from SV6a Night Wanderer
SV6a 033/064 Inkay


Wow that Lileep is amazing. Glad to see some love for Gen 3 fossils


SV7 Stellar Miracle

Main Set

SV7 096/102 ACE Deluxe Bomb (illus. inose yukie)


OK, I cannot be the only person who thinks that the bomb looks like the bombs that Green Goblin has in the 2002 Spider-Man.


From tonight’s livestream,

SV7 Stellar Miracle

Super Rare (SR)

SV7 126/102 SR Briar (illus. Naoki Saito)


There is an alarming amount of terrible CGI trash art by 5ban in here compounded further by a 5ban-copycat somehow making even uglier CGI cards like this Glass Trumpet and Gravity Stone by “Toyste Beach” …

The EX cards, ACE Specs (Sparkling Crystal, Deluxe Bomb), Glass Trumpet/Gravity stone and the like can go straight into the dumpster and be lit on fire imo.

Luckily, the AR and SAR art is mostly great. But overall, with all that super shitty CGI art mixed in, it’s hard to be super jazzed about this set.

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Of the 66 cards revealed thus far, only 9 are done by CGI groups (6 regular ex and 3 Items). None of the common, uncommon or holo rare Pokémon cards are illustrated with CGI, and regular ex/Item cards are mostly functional for players. How is your enjoyment of the set contingent on a negligible minority when there’s so much good artwork?


The problem for the collector in me, is that they put the better art on the common cards that end up in “bulk” and I just don’t want to own the rarer “hit” cards that look like that EX shit. So I can’t justify buying ETBs verse just a couple of AR/S and ignoring the set.

I’m sure things are different for people who play the game.

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Also some milestones have been achieved:

SWSH: 0 Ken Sugimori cut and pastes for Pokemon
SV: 0 Sugimori/Mizutani/Ohmura cut and pastes for Supporters

Stadiums have also now been moved from 5ban Graphics to more artists like Oswaldo KATO, Marina CHIKAZAWA and AYUMI ODASHIMA. The latter has also drawn some Item and Tool cards moving away from totally CGI trainer cards.

I don’t think we’ll see 2d illustrations take over tools and items even in Gen 10, but they are the only 2 classes of cards besides the RR and their resulting SR cards that are CGI now.


From a non-player perspective the regular ex isn’t exactly a hit either, it’s part of the “bulk” main set. AR/SAR/SR/UR make up your “rarer hit” pool, and though I’m not as optimistic about pullrates for the English version when it’s out, the quantity of AR/SAR for you to chase after is more generous than hits per set of most previous modern era (except perhaps SWSH 2022)

Eh, I’ll take the Ledians, Noctowls and the Raboot. That’s about it. Some of the best artwork, like Teeziro’s, is relegated to common “junk” bulk cards unfortunately. I just don’t understand why the holographic, better pulls are the CGI stuff most people aren’t super into. But I’m happy for yall! Go get 'em

The main set is out, I’ll post the new cards here as well as new cards for Gym Promo Pack 7

There are 5 additional new artists

SV7 Stellar Miracle

SV7 Stellar Miracle - Main Set

Main Set

SV7 005/102 Carnivine (illus. Mousho)
SV7 006/102 Mow Rotom (illus. Amelicart)

SV7 008/102 Gossifleur (illus. Heisuke Kitazawa) - new artist
SV7 009/102 Eldegoss (illus. Yuka Tanaka) - new artist

SV7 015/102 Turtonator (illus. AKIRA EGAWA)

SV7 020/102 Finneon (illus. Yukiko Baba)
SV7 021/102 Lumineon (illus. Shigenori Negishi)

SV7 028/102 Electabuzz (illus. Oswaldo KATO)
SV7 029/102 Electivire (illus. chibi)

SV7 030/102 Chinchou (illus. Souichirou Gunjima)
SV7 031/102 Lanturn (illus. Akira Komayama)

SV7 042/102 Comfey (illus. saino misaki)

SV7 043/102 Milcery (illus. OKACHEKE)
SV7 044/102 Alcremie (illus. Natsumi Yoshida)

SV7 048/102 Cubone (illus. svlt) - new artist
SV7 049/102 Marowak (illus. cochi8i)

SV7 050/102 Rhyhorn (illus. kodama)
SV7 051/102 Rhydon (illus. Ryuta Fuse)
SV7 052/102 Rhyperior (illus. Mitsuhiro Arita)

SV7 053/102 Meditite (illus. Yuu Nishida)
SV7 054/102 Medicham ex (illus. PLANETA Yamashita)

  • Medicham ex is the 8th and final ex of the set

SV7 055/102 Mienfoo (illus. Kariya)
SV7 056/102 Mienshao (illus. MINAMINAMI Take)

SV7 057/102 Pancham (illus. Tomomi Ozaki)
SV7 063/102 Pangoro (illus. KEIICHIRO ITO)

SV7 058/102 Diancie (illus. Jiro Sasumo)
SV7 059/102 Falinks (illus. Gapao)

SV7 061/102 Gulpin (illus. Shimaris Yukichi)
SV7 062/102 Swalot (illus. OKACHEKE)

SV7 064/102 Impidimp (illus. Tomokazu Komiya)
SV7 065/102 Morgrem (illus. Mékayu)
SV7 066/102 Grimmsnarl (illus. Kazumasa Yasukuni)

SV7 070/102 Meltan (illus. Apios) - new artist
SV7 071/102 Melmetal (illus. Takumi Wada)

SV7 078/102 Glameow (illus. Yuriko Akase)
SV7 079/102 Purugly (illus. Saboteri)

SV7 082/102 Tornadus (illus. Uninori)

SV7 086/102 Wooloo (illus. Wintr Wandr) - new artist
SV7 087/102 Dubwool (illus. HYGONOSUKE)

SV7 092/102 Payapa Berry (illus. Studio Bora Inc.)
SV7 093/102 Occa Berry (illus. Studio Bora Inc.)

Gym Promo Pack 7

163/SV-P Yanma (illus. Dsuke)
164/SV-P Yanmega (illus. Dsuke)
165/SV-P Veluza ex (illus. 5ban Graphics)

New Artists

Heisuke Kitazawa

‘Heisuke Kitazawa is an Illustrator born in Yokahama and based in Tokyo. He started his career after staying in the US for 16 years. Kitazawa’s illustrations are featured internationally in various media such as magazines, product packages, and campaign visuals.’

Yuka Tanaka


svlt was a top 300 finalist of the Illustration Contest 2022, with Cramorant



Wintr Wandr

Wintr Wandr, also Artsy Theo, was a top 100 finalist of the Illustration Contest 2022 with Bulbasaur


not a wooloo stan, but i am a wintr wandr stan now


Also revealing today are some [food-themed] AR, SR & SAR

SV7 Stellar Miracle

Art Rares

SV7 110/102 AR Milcery (illus. Dsuke)

SV7 112/102 AR Gulpin (illus. Jerky)

Super Rare (SR)

SV7 123/102 SR Crispin (illus. GIDORA)

SV7 124/102 SR Lacey (illus. Sanosuke Sakuma)

Special Art Rare

SV7 129/102 SAR Dachsbun ex (illus. Yuu Nishida)

  • Yuu Nishida’s other food-themed special arts:
S12a 199/172 Miltank

SV4K 076/066 Morpeko


Beautiful artwork! There are so many cameos in this one too- Snorlax (dish), Pikachu (cookie, cookie cutter, sticker? on jar), Jigglypuff (sticker?), and Galarian Ponyta (sticker?) are the ones I found.


Possibly Bellossom’s petal and Chansey’s clover (from 151)


You’re right, I totally missed those! I love finding all of the little cameos and Easter eggs in these

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Added info for new artists in the main set post


AR Squirtle (and likely AR Bulbasaur) from the Special Deck Set ex Charizard & Venusaur & Blastoise will be included in TPCi’s upcoming set SV07 Stellar Crown

SV07 Stellar Crown

Illustration Rare

148/142 IR Squirtle (illus. Saboteri)


From tonight’s box opening video,

SV7 Stellar Miracle

Art Rare

SV7 113/102 AR Archaludon (illus. Toshinao Aoki)

  • Every new Pokémon (#1009 - #1025) in both Scarlet & Violet DLCs now has a special art

Special Art Rare

SV7 132/102 SAR Briar (illus. DOM)

Remaining unrevealed:

  • 2 AR
  • 1 SAR Pokémon ex
  • 1 SAR Supporter