Storing Graded Cards

Hello All!
Im getting a PSA Graded 10 Lance’s Charizard back from smpratte’s order soon -woot-

Curious what would YOU recommend I do to store said card?
Currently I store my cards on a shelf in my room
(My collection cards)

They are under a poster so they don’t receive too much sunlight…
More or less, all are in sleeves in piles…
There is a pile for my arceus movie deck (still need 2 arceus), 6th movie deck, 5th movie deck cards are in toploaders, etc…

But this will be the first actual card of importance I am getting…
Like store it in a shoebox in my closet?
Downstairs where it is cooler and no sunlight?


Out of the following cards, what should get graded…

Karen’s Umbreon
Sabrina’s Espeon
Misty’s Corsola
Soul Dew
Rocket’s Raikou
AltoMare Aerodactyl
JUMBO Cards - I have 3x Birthday Pikachu (With Audino) and 2x Fukuoka Oshawott

or should I instead of investing in grading these, go after something like an illustrator pichu?

Hope this is under the right board x___x
Sorry if it is not…

I would avoid basments and attics as they are the most humid places in the house. As for storing graded cards you can buy graded card bags which is what I use to prevent the cases from getting scratched. I would suggest a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. My cards are in a closet but are inside a safe with reuseable silica gel. Now you don’t need to go that nuts but I would avoid using a shoebox. Other than that you should be alright :blush:

I would of graded the umbreon first :blush: in my experience it goes for more thAn the charizard.

@mkpokecc – I find it surprising that you mention a basement as a poor choice in location. I avoid the upper floors because they succumb to heat and moisture very quickly. I store my cards in a closet in my basement because it is the coldest and least humid place in my house. My basement is not underground, though. In addition, I live in Calgary; humidity doesn’t exist here!

Where you live is definitely a factor as is the location of your basement. In my house it is underground. While it is cool, underground basements have the potential to become damp/humid or succumb to mildew. While that isn’t necessarily the case in mine, its still best to eliminate the possibility by not storing it there in the first place. This is why I love winter…low humidity. :blush: … that’s about the only thing I like …the rest sucks!

Yea, don’t have to worry about humidity as I live in California and its more of a dry type of heat.

I believe I addressed the scratching issue with graded card bags in post no.2 :wink:

This is what I use:

No harm in that! :blush: The sleeves are fairly inexpensive so there a small price to pay to protect your investment.