Sleeper Cards

So I had a brief discussion with @funmonkey54 the other day about the potential of the original victory medals to see an increase in value over the next few years. Now we are not talking ridiculous prices, but we both feel they are underappreciated at the moment. The cards slot neatly between the average promo and prize/trophy category. This I feel, makes them more desirable and obtainable for the average collector looking to get into prize cards. The print volumes are not as high as say a promotional card from a magazine and not as low as some of the high-end trophies. They hit that sweet spot in volume similar to the 2001 Lottery promos and Masaki cards. Anyway, with the Diamond and Pearl era growing ever older, I feel these cards, along with many other promotional prize cards from that time will slowly become more desirable. Couple that with as @funmonkey54 put it, these cards are slower to come to market than in the past; I think there is a good chance of these creeping up in price. Plus, the art is simple, yet awesome!

Anyway, just my thoughts here, not a matter of fact. No one can predict what can happen or influence certain cards. What are your picks for undervalued, underappreciated sleeper cards?


The wonderful Chinese Gold Star cards. :stuck_out_tongue:

All Japanese gold stars (even the play promos a bit) are severely underpriced considering the value of English.


I don’t think many people will admit sleeper cards until they buy a significant amount of them. At least that’s how it works in sports. Buy low sell high, then get the cards you really want.

The way she goes…

It is incredibly hard to say due to nature of the Japanese market. If PSA opens shop there we could see a pop explosion, or maybe not.

People are still pricing most JP gold stars with 2014 availability.

When I think of underrated cards this one always comes to mind:

You had to win a match against a PCL or Gym Leader at 2004 Battle Roads. It has unique artwork including the white coats PCL staff wear. Also 2004 was one of the lowest points in the hobby, therefore the amount of people who competed and won were a small pool.


@smpratte I 100% agree on that one. I completely forgot about that card, definitely underrated. I still need one for my collection.

All unlimited print holos from Gym Heroes onwards

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Definitely one of the biggest sleeper cards of 2017


Hit up the right shops in Japan and you can still find Victory Medals for 100-200 yen a piece. The CoL shinies were great sleeper cards for a while before their spike! Otherwise, if I were to genuinely speculate about sleeper cards, the PCL card is a great candidate as well as other stamped Japanese promos from various 2004-2009 tournaments. There’s a lot out there to look at and discuss, and any discussion we have on them will increase their awareness and potentially influence their value.