Skyridge sealed packs / boxes?

Hey guys, does anyone know about the prices for sealed skyridge booster packs? There are a lot of BINs of (presumably weighed) packs for $100 that occasionally sell and some auctions that end up going for lower. Why is the price so high if there are only 9 cards AND even PSA 9 crystals don’t go for a crazy amount.

Anyways I just got 20 of these from a private seller and don’t know if I should hang onto them or keep an artwork set and sell off since even though I like Skyridge that money would let me get almost every C/UC in NM and holos in PSDA 9 or 10.

there are quite a few ebay sold listings you can use for price references

as for why they reach the prices they do; supply and demand

Yeah I see the listings but there’s a weird disparity for some reason.

Pack set of 4 for $25 -

Pack set of 4 for $500 -

And then there’s this one

I wouldn’t put the last one above shilling some buys at $100 to make the price seem high. Maybe I just don’t trust listings with “L@@k” in the name haha.

you can ignore the super low buy it now, and the $500 auction looks sketchy, but the buy it nows for $100 look legit