Short/Long Crimp, Which of These Are True Shadowless?

Just as the title states, when it comes to blisters, which does Blastoise (Long) have a stronger chance then Charizard/Venusaur(Short)?

ALSO, Are the following photos signs of tampering? I noticed the lips on two of the blister are starting to lift, but the image behind it is still intact, making me assume the glue just isn’t holding anymore. The Venusaur picture looks almost re-glued, In the picture you can see blobs under the light, and even what appears to be glue on the surface (3rd photo, next to plastic on cardboard surfce)?

All and anything helps :blush:

image not working

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Well long crimp was used for 1st edition base and continued to be used for shadowless packs, for whatever reason they decided to change crimp styles during the shadowless run, so it makes sense to conclude that long crimp packs have a higher chance of containing shadowless cards, and if you think about it, it would make sense that they 100% guarantee shadowless cards due to the fact that some short crimp packs also contain shadowless cards and they were made after the long crimp packs

has anyone ever seen unlimited cards pulled out of long crimp packs?

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I’ve just heard in the past, that short crimp Shadowless that came out of a box, have a higher chance of actual Shadowless cards.

So I wasn’t sure if or how that applied to blisters!

Well, just confirmed Long Crimp had Shadowless lol

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Lol I guess there’s always one way to confirm 100%.

Also nice post count (1337)

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