Sealed Cards

In general, would you value a sealed card closer to its respective Mint 9 or Gem Mint 10 graded copy?

Good question! I would consider them NM plus in most cases

I always check closely for condition when a card comes in a cello pack. They are scratchy which sometimes shows on the card. I feel the same about cards you need to “peel” off a sheet like coros.
Now some people collect sealed product and some collect PSA and some do both so value wise there’s a good market for both.

It would be intersting to know what the grade likelihood/equivalency is regarding sealed cards. I recently graded a couple of ancient mews that were sealed and only got a single 10 out of the four I sent in. A few got 5’s and 7’s for some reason, maybe there is a dent/scratch I can’t find? Also, could be the centering.

What are people’s experience sending in Base Machamps for example? Would love to know.

I sent in four shadowless Machamps that I pulled from the cello wrap and three came back as PSA 10.

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Ouch. The card I’m after is significantly more than an ancient mew. I’d hurt if it came back a 7.

I would pay for them expecting a 9. There are a whole bunch of variables that you cannot control even when cards are in the wrap. A buddy of mine purchased a brick of Kids WB promos and couldn’t confidently send any of them in because the entire brick had the same off center cut. Ive purchased some that come as 9s because the wrap scratches the holo before you even open them.