Reporting Possible Shill Bid

I was checking out this listing that was posted in the GAT, and noticed that the highest bidder who also bid right when it was listed has 100% bidding activity with the seller.

Normally I don’t report something that “might” be a shill, but this one I worry a bit more than usual as these are high end items. It would be unfortunate if someone were to unjustly pay an extra $1,000 because of a shill. Anyway, if you want to report it feel free.

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Could be, not a bad tactic to make a new account to shill on with another that has higher feedback. Much less suspicious.

are we talking about the 560 feedback user?

No, the 53 user has 100% bid activity. I called eBay just to check, it was indeed a shill bid, they confirmed it on their end.


I reported it yesterday, but it is still up.

I asked the customer service if it would be removed before it ended, and they couldn’t give me a guaranteed answer. :confused:

And they now have a duel shill going, wonderful.

Well it went for 7,000AUD and I wanted to bid, but funds are a bit low lol.