Pumpkins' WTB & WTT Thread

Hi, I am wanting to buy one or two of these at a time over the next couple months. I thought to put this up now and try to tick a few off of my list before the holidays. I also have a small trade list at the bottom with some rare and desirable trade bait. Condition is paramount so I will pay more in some cases, these are just vague guidelines and subject to change as more public sales occur.

Japanese Base 60ct. Sealed Box $1250
Japanese Base 10ct. Sealed Deck Box $600
Japanese Base Loose Sealed Decks $50 a deck
Japanese Jungle 60ct. Sealed Box $600
Japanese Neo 3 Revelation 60ct. Sealed Box $1250


Naturally $
2000 XL Teach Squirtle
2000 XL Teach Bulbasaur
2000 XL Teach Growlithe
2000 XL Teach Geodude
2000 XL Teach Sudowoodo
2000 XL Teach Sentret
2000 XL Teach Doduo
2000 XL Teach Nidoran
2000 XL Teach Jynx
Pikachu Black(Grey) Star (Japan Release, English Language) Glossy
Jigglypuff Black(Grey) Star (Japan Release, English Language) Glossy

Also have some more items for potential trades, send me a PM and I’ll be happy to work something out.