PSA 10 Gym Challenge Non Holos

Looking to buy these cards in 1st Edition PSA 10 grades:

Please contact me if you want to sell any of these cards.
Price negotiable
Located in USA


58 Sabrina’s Kadabra -$150

60 Blaine’s Charmander - $150
97 Sabrina’s gastly - $55
127 Fighting energy -$50
129 Grass energy -$50
130 Lightning Energy -$50


I have PSA 10 1st Ed. Gym Challenge Sabrina 20/132 listed within my eBay Store:

If you’re interested, I’d be willing to go $175.00 Shipped via PayPal.

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I have some of these at PSA now some have potential to get 10s I’m waiting on the grades they are likely to be back end of April. If you are still looking then drop me a message.

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Price listed
List Updated

Bump a dee doo da
Sell me cards for Moola

Got your Blaine nineties and chameleon here

Hi, are you looking for PSA only or would you consider BGS 9.5s too? Thanks

Sorry I’m only buying PSA 10 for my set collection. Thanks though!!


I’m so close guys help me out by selling cards to me :blush:


price updated to current market craziness
list updated and bumppppp


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Goodluck wish I could help.

Haha Thanks I hope i find someone willing to sell one day ~

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If you are willing to increase your prices I can sell you Moltres and Lt Surge for $1,700usd express posted from Australia with fedex

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I have a Lt Surge 1st ed at PSA waiting for the grade. Def 9, :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:10

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:blush: yeah good luck let me know as well when you get back the results i might still be in the market

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Good Luck with those! You got some heavy hitters there

@kylewe, nice! did you open up a box yourself?